Pillar of Excellence

The TCPI Pillar of Excellence Award

In 2009, on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium, the Tax Council Policy Institute (TCPI) initiated the Pillar of Excellence Award to be given to an outstanding tax professional who has demonstrated excellence in the field of tax law and policy and thereby helps to further the mission and objectives of the TCPI.

TCPI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research and educational organization that thrives by virtue of the knowledge, leadership and participation of those individuals who play significant roles in promoting sound federal, local and international tax policies as well as a better understanding of the federal tax system and its interconnectivity with other regimes.  The honoree will be someone who exemplifies those efforts.

Objective of the award

This is unquestionably a challenging time for tax professionals in every aspect of business life and we appreciate the significant commitment each one makes.  Nonetheless, there are some individuals who consistently go above and beyond what is required of them.  This is the pool of individuals from which TCPI will select the honoree.  By recognizing one representative from among these exceptional professionals, others in the tax community may be encouraged to strive for excellence in the profession and provide leadership for the next generation.

Nomination criteria and selection process

TCPI looks for an outstanding tax professional whose performance and activities help further the knowledge and understanding of the tax community at large.  This individual may come from government, business and industry, professional services, tax publishers and authors, or academia, with a track record and demonstrated history as an exceptional tax professional.

Criteria include but are not limited to the following:

  • Plays a key role in developing, communicating or administering tax policy at the state, federal or multinational level
  • Actively communicates and shares knowledge regarding existing and proposed tax policy, its impact on the businesses and the national economy, and its real-world implementation
  • Participates in seminars, webcasts, symposia or other knowledge-sharing opportunities for current tax executives and policymakers as well as the next generation of leaders
  • Plays a key role in improving the overall understanding of foreign and domestic tax policies among tax professionals, other executives and policymakers

TCPI accepts nominations on an ongoing basis from professionals within the tax community.  Each nomination should include a brief statement outlining the reasons that the nominee should receive the award.  The recommendations submitted to TCPI will be reviewed by the TCPI Board of Directors which will make the final selection of the honoree.

2024 Recipient

Harry L. (Hank) Gutman – see press release

Past Recipients

2023  Robert B. Stack

2022  Barbara M. Angus

2021   No award given due to the pandemic

2020  Grace Perez-Navarro

2019  Martin A. Sullivan

2018  Mark Alan Prater

2017  Pamela F. Olson

2016  Thomas Barthold

2015  Mark Weinberger

2014  Janice Mays

2013  Lawrence B. Gibbs

2012  No award given

2011  John Buckley

2010  Bernard Shapiro

2009  Eric Solomon


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